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The MBS (Malaysian Baseball Squad) is Malaysia’s elite National Baseball Team, comprising of 40 Malaysian individuals rigorously selected from various club, state and national level baseball try-out sessions and scouting initiatives, from all over Malaysia.

The 40-men individuals are grouped into 2 teams, namely 1) The Malaysian Baseball Squad (The Senior Team) and 2) The MBS 2 (The secondary Team). The MBS would represent Malaysia in all international tournaments, whilst the MBS 2 members would only be despatched if and when there’s a clash in schedule (i.e. 2 separate tournaments within close date proximity).

Once you are enlisted to be a member of the MBS, you’d have to maintain your performance, fitness and health at optimum level, at all times. Should a player suffer any form of degradation in either of the mentioned elements, they could risk either being sent down to the MBS 2 or worst, be removed from the roster altogether.

Technically, the MBS and the MBS 2 trains every month during non-competitive seasons. In season of up-coming competitions, the MBS and MBS 2 would train more frequently. Usually, for important international tournaments such as the SEA Games, Asian Games or tournaments organized by BFA or IBAF, there would usually be a 1-month total centralized training camp.

Every year, the MBS Management would hold a Performance Review Session, where slacking players are either degraded or dropped and new ones are either absorbed or promoted. Its during this period that the MBS Management would hold National Baseball Try-Outs throughout the country.

Though the MBS is appointed and governed by the Baseball Federation of Malaysia, it is an independent group with their own respective schedule, that continuously strives to better their skills, fundamentals, techniques and games. Under IBAF’s world mens ranking, the MBS is ranked number 56 (2010) whilst in 2009, they were ranked number 58. For the complete Ranking List, please visit IBAF World Mens Ranking.

It is MBS’s dream and goal to excel in the international baseball scene, and to climb the world ranking ladder within the immediate future. With hardwork and effort by the team members, encouragement by those who strive to be in the team, as well as the support by Malaysians, such dreams and goals can easily be achieved.