8) MBS Code

All members of the MBS lives and abides by the Rules and Codes of MBS. These Rules and Codes forms an integral foundation of character within MBS members, which in turns reflects the MBS’s overall culture, values and ideologies.


1. MBS Team Motto: ‘One Team, One Nation’.

2. MBS Cheer Hand Gesture is only given and received between MBS Players only. Outsiders don’t deserve it.

3. Be the first to arrive, and last to go back – applicable in all situations

4. Failure to attend training for more than 3 consecutive times, without valid reason(s), means you do not treasure the brotherhood of MBS. – It also means that you’re out!!

5. Management decides the plan, Coaches strategize the plan, and players executes the plan.

6. Be sincere and truthful in everything you do. Insincerity leads to explusion.

7. If you’re not satisfied about anything, take it out outside the Diamond and Game.

8. Wherever you go, behave and conduct yourselves as a gentlemen. Not only because the Malaysian Flag is on your sleeve, but also the MBS Logo is on your chest.

9. All members of MBS shall not look for differences amongst each other, but look for the things in common. That will hold everyone together.

10. If you dropped out from MBS, there may still be a future for you.. but if you’re sacked or expelled, consider it the last day of your life.



2. Have Fun, Enjoy the Game, sincerely..

3. Work smart, play smart, sincerely..

4. Expect the pain, Embrace the pain, Love the pain.. sincerely..

5. We fight for the Almighty God, our Country, MBS Team and our families..

6. First to be in, Last to be out..

7. There’s only 1 skin color… the baseball color..

8. Correct and sincere practices, makes perfection.

9. Whenever in doubt, pray… whenever in error, pray…. whenever the ball is in front of you, play…

10. Play every game as if its your last, but train every practice as if you’ve 1,000 games to play!!

11. Everytime I play a game, there’s someone watching me.. Minimize Errors, Maximize Opportunities..

12. MBS Players do it better!!

13. Every bruise by a baseball is a show of my love for the game..

14. Everyone can play baseball.. Few can play it well.. Only the best are in MBS..

15. You are also your team mate parent’s son..

16: For an MBS Batter, the strike zone is not important… If the ball comes at you where you like it, just whack the living day lights out of the ball!!



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  2. YankeesFan

    This is a good set of rules and codes, to be adapted by an elite team such as the national team. I think, if everyone can follow it, the team will be a strong baseball team in the region. The Indonesian team has a similar code but not as extensive as this one..

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