MBS Selection Results & Program

After careful deliberation, the National Team Selection Committee has decided on the 30-men Draft Roster for the MBS Squad, en route for SEA Games 2011. They are:-

1) Nor Azan Mat Sarip (Stars) – 3B
2) Sazali Hussain (Patriots) – P/1B
3) Sukimi Saat (Patriots) – OF
4) Faizal Amini Md Yunus (Patriots) – P/2B
5) Low Wui Yong (Patriots) – 3B/1B
6) Adi Yusman Md Yusof (Patriots) – P/2B
7) Ahmad Ramzi A. Zaini (Patriots) – C
8). Ahmad Saufi Musa (Stars) – P
9). Mohd. Nor Abu Bakar (Stars) – P
10) Saravanan S. (Patriots) – SS/P
11) Mohd. Zahrul Syafiq (Patriots) – OF
12) Shahrizal Z. Rashid (Stars) – C
13) M. Shaharizan M. Zain (Stars) – OF/C
14) M. Syahmi Asrulsani (Patriots) – 2B
15) A. Hafeez Hamdan (Patriots) – 1B
16) M. Rashidin Ridzuan (UniMap) – SS/OF
17) Lee Keat Seng (Patriots) – OF
18) M. Zulhakimi Alif (UniMap) – 3B
19) M. Shahrizan M. Rose (UniMap) – P
20) M. Zulhairi M Riduan (UniMap) – SS/P
21) M. Saiful Hani Ramli (Stars) – 2B
22) M. Al Fakre Yaacob (Stars) – SS
23) M. Fuad Hilmi (PoliMas) – C
24) A. Naz Nazrin Zamani (PoliMas) – P/OF
25) M. Zulkifli Ab. Rahman (PoliMas) – P
26) Tan Ying Yew (KL) – P/OF
27) M. Shahrizad M. Shapi (Patriots) – OF
28) Justin Ham K K (Patriots) – OF
29) M. Khairul Hafidzin (KL) – P
30) Lai Chou Yien (Sarawak) – 3B

Decisions are based on player’s performances throughout the recent President’s Cup, National Pitchers & Catcher’s Tryout and the National Coaching Clinic, where vital statistics, technical, fundamental skills as well as capabilities are reviewed and evaluated.

The 6-Member Committee scoured through various score sheets, statistic reports and video footages which were used as basis of selection. The decisions made by the Committee are final and no appeals shall be entertained.

The 30-Men Draft Roster shall proceed to report for the Centralized MBS Training Camp Session 1, to be held at Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang, Selangor, starting from the 2nd to the 14th of October 2011. On the 15th of October 2011, the 22-Men MBS Final Roster will be announced, and they will report for the Centralized MBS Training Camp Session 2, which starts from the 18th October until 4th November 2011. The MBS players will then be given a 3-Day break before reporting back for the Pre-Departure Camp on the 8th of November 2011.

MBS Team shall depart for Indonesia on the 10th of November 2011, and will take part in the March Pass for the SEA Games Opening Ceremony, scheduled for the 11th November 2011, in Palembang, Indonesia.

MBS Team is expected to return back to Malaysia on the 21st November 2011.

Please be informed.

Nahar Dato’ Johari
MBS Team Deputy Director


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