Welcome to MBS’s Official WebLog

This weblog is dedicated to the elite Malaysians that qualifies to be enlisted as a member of the Malaysian Baseball Squad (MBS), Malaysia’s elite National Baseball Team. Out of many who tried and continuously trying to be in it, only a few are selected to represent Malaysian Baseball in international baseball tournaments.

Though the MBS is appointed and governed by the Baseball Federation of Malaysia, it is an independent group that continuously strives to better their skills, fundamentals, techniques and games. Under IBAF’s world mens ranking, the MBS is ranked number 56 (2010) whilst in 2009, they were ranked number 58. For the complete Ranking List, please visit IBAF World Mens Ranking.

It is MBS’s dream and goal to excel in the international baseball scene, and to climb the world ranking ladder within the immediate future. With hardwork and effort by the team members, encouragement by those who strive to be in the team, as well as the support by Malaysians, such dreams and goals can easily be achieved.

Let’s Play Ball Malaysia..

Nahar Dato’ Johari
MBS Team Deputy Director


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